Präbichl and its surroundings

Alpenklub Pension is in the unspoilt surroundings of the Styria region, in the heart of the ski and recreation center of Präbichl, lies at an altitude of 1225 meters above 2000 meters high mountains.

From the terrace you have a breathtaking view of the 1911 meter high Polster peak. Thanks to its fortunate  location, in the winter you can enjoy a stroll, stepping out the door you can find yourself almost on the 20 km snowy ski track.

The nearby Eisenerz is considered the most snow assured cross-country skiing area in the province.

Many Nordic combined racing champions (Mario Stecher, Daniela Iraschko) grew up here or have mastered their technique on Eisenerz's tracks.

There are 21 km of classical and parallel running skating tracks, hiking, sports and race tracks, serving all levels of knowledge.

Präbichl also offers varied programs in summer. It is a great starting point for rafting and via ferrata for mountain biking or for alpine hiking too.

Budapest is barely 400 kilometers away, the picturesque small town of Leoben is 25 km away, and Styria's headquarter Graz, is only 70 km away from Präbichl.

Nearby, there is Europe's largest surface-mined ore mine, which is no longer operating, but this ore mine is considered worldwide a speciality as one of Styria's five most important sights.

After the closure of the mine the local government invested in a lot of money in developing tourism in the area and today Erzbergrodeo Nordic Walking as well as UP & DOWN MTB are among the most sought after races on the international level. Those who are not attracted to extreme sports will also find the buzz and the adrenaline factor. Whether it's a train ride to the mine or just a little driving with Hauly, a 55 tonne and 4.5 meter high giant truck.

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